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Esxence is where I discovered that it’s possible to meet perfumers and talk to them and to find aut what fragrance raw materials actually smell of. The fifth edition takes place at The Palazzo della Permanente in Milan (Tube stop: Turati) March 21-24 2013. The most interesting feature of this fair is the numer of accessible but high level classes and conference who help anyone to discover what the protuberance in the centre of your face is for.

The complete events calendar is  here. I will attend most of them.

I believe the two conferences whit the experts of the Osmothéque, the fantastic fragrance museum in Versailles wiil be very interesting:

March 22 h 11,30 La tuberosa, with Emmanuelle Giron

March 24 h 12 I fissativi di origine animale with Bernard Bourgeois

Absolutely not to be missed is the conference of great fragrance expert and gentleman  Michael Edwards, about two dead perfumery geniuses: Guy Robert and Josephine Catapano, March 23 h 10,30.

I will no doubt attend Olfactory discovery of Amarone, with Danilo Della Mura of Mouillettes & Co, on March 22, h 17. Reserve here.

Perfume bottles lovers can’t miss Pierre Dinard, who designed some of the most famous bottles of the past 50 years, March 23, h 14,30.

I recommend not to wear fragrance, as it could interfere with the ones you will smell. I put an industrial dose of perfume on a scarf, wear it to protect my nose from the smells on public transport and leave it in the checkroom.