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Sandrine Videault in Wallis

Sandrine Videault in Wallis


Manumalia (****) is pure pleasure: on your skin you feel a breeze carrying the scentof exotic flowersi: fragrea, tiaré, ylang ylang. Then you sense something else, something salty, like sea water drenched wood, and something swet like the amber skin of an indigenous lover.

You feel like an explorer, sailing to far away islands and bringing home the precious essences you found, Charles Darwin on the Beagle, Christopher Columbus returning from the Indes, Corto Maltese sailing on the Pacific ocean.

This beautiful fragrance has also a beautiful story. It comes from the research of Sandrine Videault, (photo)) a perfumer/antropologist, on the olfactory culture of the inhabitants of una Wallis island, in Polinesia. Manoumalia mons “Malia’s gift” and is a tribute to an indigenuos freind of Sandrine’s who helped her discover the scents of her island. Videault’s work was sponsored by Les Nez, an avant garde perfume brand who produced other interesting creations, such as L’Antimatiére (****).

If one had to commit a crime for it, I’d be happy to go to jail. Instead is the only problem is that, as it happens for many fragraces to kill for, Manumalia is sold in very few shops and none of the most widespred chains. Instead it’s not necessary to rob a bank: it costs less than a lot of commercial rubbish.