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monnomestrougeIt was too good to last. I can’t stand sweetness, intensity, persistence anymore. Mon Nom Est Rouge (****) by Cecile Zarokian for Majda Bekkali- Sculptures Olfactives is fascinating, first of all for the name (inspired by the unforgettable novel by Orhan Pamuk) and the concept: helping a blind person to understand the idea of “red”.

It smells of metallic, almost bloody rose,  envrapping, velvety vanilla, the burning tobacco of a lit cigar and of something shrill, like red spraypaint on a wall. And all this creates an unique, gorgeous “smell of red” with no sharp contrasts and infinite shades.

I like it so much that I tried an experiment: fragrance monogamy. My love affair lasted two months and I lived it to the full. But I started craving fruits, green galbanum and oakmoss. Finally, two days ago I cheated with Amazone by Hermés, my great childhood love. Mon Nom is persistent and it took more than a wash to take it off my clothes. It’s still stalking some silk scarves.

Living a committed relationship with a fragrance, and not any fragrance, made me realize a fact: olfactory monogamy doesn’t work for me. I need excitement, I want new smells or to find again the ones that gave me something in the past. I need to move on and on. Stopping also stopped the blog, because it takes at leas a day with a fragrance to write review and just smelling it on my wrist is not enough. This experiment impaired my creativity in general. it’s not ok. After the detox with Amazone, my 2014 resolution is to try a new fragrance and write a post every other day. I’m up to my eyes in samples, it’s time to use them!