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legrazieTuberose, iris and pink pepper dance in such perfect harmony that’s impossible to describe Io (****), by Hilde Soliani, as an olfactory pyramid.  It’s more a three pointed star, or an olfactory version of The Graces by Antonio Canova, where seductive tuberose, tender iris witty pink pepper create a single perfect shape. Wearing it makes even someone like me want to act gracefully. Non tu the point of giving up cigars and comfortable shoes, but at least I started walking like a woman and keeping my back straight. Incredibly, I cut short on the italian equivalent of the F- word, through I even managed to write it on Panorama, at a time when was like writing on the Newyorker. I never really understood what being “feminine” means and when I see books like Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps I  think about my degree in geography and I start suspecting I have an Y chromosome hidden in my DNA. Or that people who don’t listen and can’t read ordinary maps are a little bit dumb, regardless of their gender. But I feel that being a woman, like being a man, is a gift from God, and it’s beautiful. P.S. Hilde Soliani’s fragrances are hard to find. The best way to get them is asking Hilde herself, through her Facebook profile Il Tuo Tulipano. She has excellent English.