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The impresario who fell in love with Nijinsky in this song by Franco Battiato, is Serge Diaghilev, the inspiration for this fragrance

Diaghilev by Roja Dove is an overwhelming chypre/animalic fragrance, that enwraps you like a huge Russian fur, designed for warmth more than to enhance body curves. A man’s fur that can be worn by a woman. It would be a perfect fur fragrance, but it there is so much civet that someone may think the animals killed to make it have resurrected. It also has an overdose of oakmoss, that makes it wearable even in warm weather. After a while, a softer fruity/floral accord emerges. It’s a lot like a new wersion of Mitsouko, tweaked towards the masculine, more than the feminine. It’s a very intimate fragrance, almost personal: it makes you think :“s/he smells good”, rather than: “s/he’s wearing a great cologne”.
Then you fall in love, ask for the price (999 euro) and fall out of it.
Yet, it’s not one of those luxury perfumes made with the obvious purpose of parting rich fools from their undeserved money. It’s a serious work on vintage Guerlains, contemporary chypre and masculine/feminine stereotypes in fragrance. The raw materials and concentration must be outstanding, because one spray ennobled my 100 euro coat for almost two weeks.
After I stopped gasping and considered the price rationally, I realized that it costs 9,99 euro ml/ wih is actually cheaper than Chanel n° 5 parfum (15,5 euro/ml) and not much more expensive than Guerlain Vol De Nuit parfum (9,7 euro ml).  But Diaghilev is sold only in 100 ml bottles, that are likely to last a lifetime, given the strenght and persistance of this fragrance. It’s like Roja Dove decided that only those who chose it as the fragrance love of their lives deserve Diaghilev. Only, I’m just not ready to smell great, but always the same, for the rest of my life.