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daisiesWhat really strikes me most in the new German /French fragrance brand Folie-à-Plusieurs (collective madness) is that their fragrances (all by Mark Buxton)  really match the emotions I felt watching the movies that inspired them.

What does a 1966 Czech surrealist movie smell of? Vera Chytilova’s Sedmirasky (Daisies) smells mostly of apples, jasmin, plastic dolls and shiny metal, like Daisies (***).
Daisies the movie is the story of two crazy chicks who rebel against society. They make old creeps buy them dinner, only to leave them a the train station with not even a kiss. I think the metallic notes are either the train or the scissors that cut the chicks into pieces, without hurting them, like they were plastic dolls, the jasmine is their skin and the apples are those they keep on their bed, for some reason that would be useless asking.

I also tried Blow Up (****), inspired by a 1966 movie by Michelangelo Antonioni I never saw. In me, it immediately evoked the smell of daily newspapers when I started working as a reporter: the editorial offices were right above the printing rooms and they smelled of ink, cigarette smoke and cheap masculine cologne. It’s a scent that doesn’t exist anymore, due to computers and anti- tobacco laws. Only the cheap aftershave is still there. In Italy there’s even one called Reporter (*).